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Classes Available 

Obtaining and Retaining Employment: Provides education and skill-building for obtaining a job and the necessary tools to retain one.  Taught by community leaders experienced in Human Resources and Employment.

Financial Planning and Money Management: Provides information on budgeting and managing money.

Cooking Healthy Meals: Teaches the program participants how to prepare a dish or a meal.  A nutritionist from the Montgomery County Extension Office teaches a class on menu planning, the food groups, etc.

Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness: Provides education and tools to stabilize emotional swings and impulsive actions.  Builds focus and mindfulness techniques.

Living with Emotional Intelligence: Provides education and skills to build better relationships and live a more productive life.

Self-Esteem: Examines low self-esteem: causes and effects, and works on improving and understanding how to increase self-esteem and discover identity.

Healing Trauma: Teaches understanding and coping skills for dealing with past trauma and difficult life events.

Helping Women Recover: Dr. Stephanie Covington curriculum for recovery from addiction geared specifically for women.

Things to Know Before you Go.  Mini-courses on topics that are useful in life, such as the Safe-serv Food program; First Aid, the Heimlich Maneuver, and CPR; Laundry Tips; etc.

Smoking Cessation: Eight-week course to help participants stop smoking.

Research on Addiction: Reads and discusses the current research on drug and/or alcohol addiction and how it impacts individuals and families.

Physical Fitness: Pro-social activities that improve physical fitness and health.  These include:  walking, weight training, yoga, pilates, etc.

Family Dynamics/Healthy Relationships: Education on how family roles, relationships with significant others, and social context effect recovery.