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PO Box 54

811 Whitlock Ave

Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Phone: 765-307-2995

E-Mail: rehab@halfwayhome.info

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  Application Process


Complete an application: (Attached as a download from this page)

  1.  Read and initial and sign the Rules and Procedures.

  2. Complete the Medical/Health Assessment, the application, and the included questions.


How to submit your application:

Mail completed paperwork to Half Way Home, Inc., PO Box 54, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 or email to rehab@halfwayhome.info.

 Admission Process:

  1. When Half Way Home, Inc. receives your completed application and all requested documentation, an interview will be scheduled by the Admissions Committee.

  2. Following the interview, the application will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee.  You will be notified of their determination as to your admission to the program.

  3. If accepted into the program, you will need to have a tuberculosis screen (done within the past 90 days, or completed upon admission at your cost) and provide signed releases for all treating physicians, clinics, medical care, etc.

  4. The Admissions Committee will schedule a date and time to arrive on site for intake if a bed is available. We use a first-come, first-serve approach for intake, so the prospective program participant should check for availability.

  5. There is a $180 admission fee that will apply to your first week of residence.


Medication Policy:

Half Way Home, Inc., does not permit the use of any controlled substances while in the program. Medications needed for medical care will be reviewed for acceptance. All other medications not approved are prohibited. Any and all medications shall be kept by, secured by, and supervised by the supervising House Monitor. The supervising House Monitor or her designee shall monitor the program participant self-administer the medication to ensure that it is being taken according to the instructions. Over-the-counter medications that have unapproved labeling will be disposed of. Failure to surrender any and all medications will be grounds for immediate expulsion. 

Program Application